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What To Expect From Your Physical Therapy Visit

Experiencing injury and being in pain is no fun! In fact, we have had many of our patients tell us that they actually held off going tpo therapy because they were hoping that the injury would heal on its own. Therapy can seem like a daunting task, but physical therapists can help you better understand what’s causing your pain. Believe it or not, what is causing the pain is usually not where you feel the pain. Our expert physical therapists will create a custom treatment plan to get you feeling better than ever.


Your First Visit


The first time you come in, one of our physical therapists will perform an evaluation for you and assess your injury, creating a personalized treatment plan that seeks to reduce your pain and improve functionality of the injury. Moreover, this aims to correct any damaging movement patterns or muscular imbalances which may have caused or worsened the injury. Your unique, personalized treatment plan will usually combine techniques such as manual therapy along with various exercise programs.


The methods that we typically employ are determined by your unique condition. For each visit, your physical therapist will explain the methods that will be used for that session, and how each will help you restore movement. Just a few methods that are commonly used in a recovery plan include:


Manual Therapy: During a typical visit, your talented physical therapists will manipulate the soft tissues by hand to alleviate your pain and restore much of your mobility. This can also involve joint mobilizations which loosens the tight tissue around a joint and improves your flexibility, mobility, and alleviates pain.


Heat: We use heat to decrease your pain and improve the mobility of your soft tissues. This makes the muscles more pliable which can be beneficial for Manual Therapy.


Ice: It’s a widely known fact that ice reduces inflammation, but did you know that this in turn relieves your pain and makes physical therapy easier? Ice also can improve joint mobility!


Exercise: Another hugely important aspect of your treatment is exercise. Our physical therapists prescribe a specific program for each patient to perform at home. These are specially designed to strengthen specific muscle groups, improve your range of motion and strength, and to treat muscular imbalances that could have caused the injury or could have resulted from the injury. You will have exercises to practice in the comfort of your own home between visits to improve your strength and range of motion. Moreover, these exercise programs will be updated to match your healing progress.




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