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Treating A Broken Nose After A Car Accident

A broken nose is a fairly straightforward injury with a straightforward treatment. If the bone is still in place, pain medication and decongestants should be enough to get you by. You may need a splint, depending on where the fracture occurred.

If, however, the nose is out of place, then treatments can be a bit more expensive. Once the swelling goes down in 2-3 days, your doctor will get the nose set back into place. This is usually done when swelling is lasting longer than 7 days, and once the bone is set the doctor may insert some packing and apply a splint to the nose. If the doctor believes there could be a chance of infection, he will provide antibiotics for a speedy recovery. Your nose will likely be rechecked after a few days and have the packing removed.

If you see that your nose is extremely out of place, or if you are unable to breathe through it, surgery may be required. A specialized surgeon will perform the procedure and send you home with medicine for pain and infection. This typically is done about a week after the injury takes place.

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