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General Neurosurgery in Miami

Suffering from persistent ongoing head and back pain?

The brain, spinal cord and the nervous system are the main yet very fragile parts of the human body. Damage to these areas or their surroundings bring about intense pain. If you are in this situation you must know that at Ceda Health our general neurosurgeons have extensive experience in the field.

Due to the large variety of diseases and disorders that impact the brain, the spinal cord and the nervous system it is required to visit highly specialized and well experienced team of neurosurgeons to diagnose and treat these ailments. Ceda Health provides full spectrum care for neurological conditions and offers comprehensive treatment for children and adults.

The neurosurgical team at Ceda Orthopedics & Interventional Medicine is capable of performing procedures in emergency as well as in elective circumstances. Just visit us in any branch in Miami Fl and you will see the quality of our service.

How can a general neurosurgeon help your condition?

A neurosurgeon is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. At Ceda Health our doctors have the ability and capability to examine all areas of the nervous system from the head till the lower spine. There will ask you trademark questions about how, when and in which part of your body did you start to feel pain and your answers will give them an idea of what you are going through and what your condition might be.

After consultation with our specialized neurosurgeons, you will be asked to take some digital imaging tests. With the results in their hands, they will explain to you your condition and what are the next steps that should take.

There are very common symptoms that show that you may be suffering from a neurological disease. Check some of them:

  • Reduced touch sensation
  • Balance disorder
  • Lightheadedness
  • Difficulty in speaking

Ceda Health takes honor and pride in reducing the levels of stress and pain from our patients. Our neurosurgeons know how difficult is to be in such condition and they will be right next to you to answer any doubts you may have.

Where are the best general neurosurgeons in Miami Dade County?

The brain, spine and the nervous system are vital structures for survival. It is important to realize that any feeling of abnormality should not be ignored and unattended but must immediately be shown to a general neurosurgeon. Best of all to Ceda Health neurosurgeons who are readily available at your service.

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