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Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery in Miami

Looking for the best neurosurgeons near you?

At the Ceda Health Miami Neurosurgery Center you will be in warm and welcoming hands. Neurology and neuroscience deals with the most important parts of your body, the brain and the spinal cord, therefore it is imperative to find a health facility and a team of specialized cerebrovascular neurosurgeons who value, love and know their work.

Once you choose the Ceda Health Miami neurosurgery center, qualified doctors will inform you about your condition. You will know everything about the most convenient treatments available according to your case. Our medical staff is kind and will listen to the patient’s questions while, at the same time, will try to keep surgery as the last option and will treat you with a well-designed comprehensive care.

What do cerebrovascular neurosurgeons do and what is their initial diagnosis?

It is very important to know the typical symptoms of a cerebrovascular disease:

  • Reduced touch sensation
  • Balance disorder
  • Lightheadedness
  • Difficulty in speaking

Any of these symptoms may indicate that you are suffering from a cerebrovascular condition. It is advised that you immediately see a qualified neurologist, who through a series of tests and examinations will determine both the cause and solution for your condition. At Ceda Health we understand that it is a very delicate situation, but our specialized doctors face such conditions on daily basis and will know how to treat you.

At Ceda Health we take pride in our neurosurgeons. Your comfort is our first priority. Our doctors handle any documentation and/or requirements usually associated with auto accidents, personal injury and sports injury.

In a Cerebrovascular Surgery the neurosurgeon operates in order to treat the disease, which can be found in the blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen and other essential nutrients for its adequate performance. The most common diseases that are treated by neurosurgeons include:

  • Aneurysms
  • Arteriovenous malformations
  • Cavernomas
  • Occlusive vascular stroke

The neurosurgeons at Ceda Health thoroughly take test and examinations for such conditions while you are under our care to insure a safe, convenient and reliable recovery.

Where to find Ceda Health neurosurgeons in Miami Dade County:

Patients who visit us in search of a neurosurgeon are in great pain. The conditions that affect the nervous system tend to bring about agony and if not treated can cause severe damage and disability in the long run. The nervous system is a very delicate neurological system that needs proper attention. At Ceda Health we make comprehensive care readily available and easily accessible for all walks of life. We have achieved that by providing extensive accommodating hours at several branches in Miami Dade County.

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