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Laser Surgery to Treat Spinal Stenosis in Miami

What are the causes of spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is a disease that affects primarily the elder population. It is caused by the shrinking of the spinal canal due to arthritis; insensibility and strain throughout the body are its most common symptoms.

Arthritis is a result of the disintegration of the elastic connective tissue surrounded by bones, also called cartilage.Some other causes for spinal stenosis are: ruptured disks, wounds, tumors, and Paget’s disease. Paget’s disease basically makes the bone feeble and enlarges the bone volume.

Common exercises recommended to patients are:

  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Stretching
  • Tai Chi (stress-relieving meditation accompanied by slow breathing)

Although these activities are beneficial, we advise you to refrain from rigorous movements such as running, and moving around for long periods of time without rest.

How can I treat my spinal stenosis?

Common treatments used for spinal stenosis are:

  • Icing above the waist
  • Heating to relax muscles (using heat pads and wraps)
  • Use pain-relieving creams and gels
  • Massaging

At CEDA Health center we use minimally invasive spine surgery to create leeway for the spinal canal, and restrict the movement of the spine. Types of minimally invasive spine surgery that we use are foraminotomy, laminotomy, discectomy, and facet thermal ablation. While foraminotomy produces room to increase the exit of the nerve, laminotomy shields the spinal cord, and creates space for the nerves to move around.

Discectomy eliminates the ruptured disk residue, caused by the contraction of the spinal cord, and Facet thermal ablation, through minimally invasive laser surgery, manages to wipe the surface joint and numb the pain-induced nerves.

Minimally invasive laser surgery is a highly recommendable solution to the excruciating pain caused by spinal stenosis, according to our surgeons at the CEDA Health center.

How long will take to recover from laser surgery?

Rest time is mandatory for at least a full day. Patients will be required also to take sedatives and anesthetics for a month to avoid discomfort. We care about our patients and their well-being, so we will provide specific instructions on how to move, and which daily functions to elude. Any signs of illness, such as rising temperature or inflammation should be reported to us in order to check you again.

Most patients obtain pain relief almost immediately after the surgery. If you want positive results visit any of the CEDA Health centers in Miami.

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