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Laser Surgery for Sciatica Treatment in Miami

What is sciatica?

At CEDA Health Center in Miami we offer treatment for Sciatica. Usually we turn to minimally invasive decompression surgery for this particular condition, caused by a lumbar disk inflammation that ends up compressing nerves.

Causes of sciatica:

  • Radiculopathy
  • Irritated nerve from tumor
  • Compressed nerve due to internal hemorrhage
  • Infection in the spine

Sciatica presents itself usually in the third trimester of pregnancies. Women feel pain in one part of the body or legs. If you are pregnant and diagnosed with sciatica then check the following symptoms:

  • Increase in weight
  • Excessive fluid intake
  • The widening of the uterus
  • Expanding stomach and chest, which leads to tension below the waist and causes irritated nerve
  • Compacted nerve pain due to baby movement (starts usually at the third semester)

Pregnant women suffering from sciatica should go to swim and get prenatal massages. Other patients may do some exercises, specially those related to stomach, back fortification and elasticity to increase flexibility. Before engaging in a specific exercise, it is crucial to know what caused the sciatica (it could be either a lumbar herniated disk or a spinal stenosis).

For a herniated disk, beneficial stretching exercises include press-ups. But for patients suffering from spinal stenosis pulling the knees to the chest may be a better one. Other stretching exercises for them include assuming the fetal position, which means back curved and head bowed. Even curl-ups can help you to relieve the pain.

What options do I have to cure sciatica?

Treatments to bring temporary relief to patients suffering from sciatica include pain-relievers, antidepressants, and medicine that counteracts swelling. Heat and ice packs are also frequently used and they should be changed every 20 minutes for two hours if you are experiencing soreness.

At CEDA Health center in Miami we provide minimally invasive decompression surgery to cure sciatica. Our skilled surgeons make an incision no longer than an inch, and use it to work inside the region affected by the pinched nerve touching the spinal cord. Then, the doctors expand the nerve, seal the opening and send the patient to recover, sometimes only for a couple of days. Our surgeons can perform the following operations: minimally invasive laser surgery, like Foraminotomy, Discectomy, Laminotomy, and Facet Thermal Ablation.

Whether you are experiencing sciatica during pregnancy or not, at CEDA Health Center professionals can give you all the information you need.

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