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Herniated Disk Laser Surgery in Miami

A herniated disk is a disk in the spine that is fractured. At one point it was originally a bulging disk but due to certain factors worsen. The following causes contribute to this condition:

Symptoms of a slipping or herniated disk include: insensibility, aching when stretching or prolonged standing, discomfort at night and fragility in the muscles. Exercises that contribute to relieve the pain are yoga, Pilates, stretching, light walking, bicycling, and natation.

Typical treatments used for herniated disks include acupressure, massaging, and acupuncture. Physical therapy can also be used, like applying hot and cold temperaturesin order to diminish the inflammation of the disk. The heat increases the circulation of blood and relieves muscle contraction; the cold reduces the flow and decreases the swelling of the nerves.

Showering in hot water is also a good therapy because it eases the muscles and the utilization of electrical currents allows the patient to release endorphins, which produces a feeling of relief. Finally, through the gentle tugging of the bones it is possible to take away a little bit of the pressure of the spine.

As for the neck, medication that eliminates swelling is often used, as well as hot and cold therapy. Gentle tugging of bones, previously mentioned, also works for the neck. Surgery becomes an option if pain is present during your daily life.

Is it a long road to recovery?

Although herniated disks do not fix themselves, the pain does decrease over a steady period of time. In most cases, after treatment, individuals heal after three months. Sometimes, after a back surgery the patient can go home can in 5 days. However, individuals should not go to work for a month to avoid straining the repaired injury.

At CEDA Health center in Miami we offer minimally invasive laser surgery. This allows our laser surgeons to work on the infected area through an incision. Sometimes patients can return to work within a week, and can go home the same day they had the surgery. We provide services such as:

  • Foraminotomy
  • Discectomy
  • Laminotomy
  • Facet Thermal Ablation

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