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Laser Surgery to Treat a Bulging Disk in Miami

What is a bulging disk?

The vertebrae has disks that move according to the motion of your spine. Wrecking the disk in any way, may result in a bulging disk, which exerts against the vertebral canal, causing pain in many parts of the body. Although this disk can seem unproblematic, or severe in nature, it may trigger insensitivity to other areas of your body. Having a bulging disk is, sometimes, the preceding phase before having a herniated disk.

How can you do a diagnosis of a bulging disk?

The best thing you can do is to seek advice from us at CEDA Health center, to discover the source of the back or neck pain. To determine how is the disk, there are tests such an a MRI, physical exam, X-ray, and CT scan. The X-ray shows the damage that has been done to the disk, while the MRI highlights the source of the bulged disk and the CT scan defines if it is a herniated or bulging disk.

At CEDA Health center we offer back surgery and:

What are the symptoms of a bulging disk?

We know how exhausting a damaged a disk can be when it yields restless nights. The laser surgeons at CEDA Health center want their patients to avoid any pain, if possible, so they will identify the symptoms before the issue progresses.

Our surgeons will check symptoms such as back pain (as a result of sternutation or coughing) or the swelling of the disk (which can produce nerve root pain and lead to the shooting down of the leg). The doctors will also pay attention to: The feeling of your leg falling asleep or the disk reaching the nerve root (causing cauda equina syndrome, since the spinal cord has applied pressure to the disk, inducing lower back discomfort), which can cause feebleness to the legs.

At CEDA Health center we strive to improve the patient’s quality life and mitigate any pain using the following treatments:

  • Foraminotomy
  • Discectomy
  • Laminotomy
  • Facet Thermal Ablation

How much cost a laser surgery?

The price of a general back surgery varies. It can cost from 39,000 to 70,000 dollars, depending on the damage of the disk. However, the price of Laser spine surgery – because of nowadays modern technology – range between 70,000 dollars to 90,000 dollars, but it is worthy and improves the quality life of the patient.

After a minimally invasive spine surgery, the patient recovers faster than someone who underwent standard surgery; he/she can return to his part-time employment within one to two weeks instead of four to six weeks. Several patients may be completely capable of doing regular activities after the six week rest period.

Together we can prevent a bulging disk from becoming a herniated disk and mitigate the pain altogether. Try our laser surgery with our qualified experts at CEDA Health center. We believe our patients come first and it’s our duty to serve them as best as possible.

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