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Laser Surgery as a Treatment for Bone Spurs in Miami

Why are you experiencing a bone growth?

Osteophyte or bone spur is the augmentation of an existing bone. It causes pain because the growing bone ends up grinding against another one. So the cartilage protecting the first one eventually becomes disintegrated, a condition known as osteoarthritis.

Conditions such as ankylosing spondylitis can also cause bone spurs. Diabetes – although not much information has been found on the subject – has also been linked to the appearance of osteophytes. Tendonitis and arthritis may triggered it too.

What areas are prone to bone spurs?

When the bone spur grows at a rapid rate, we recommend having a surgery with us at the CEDA Health center. Poor dieting, weight gain, rigorous sports and previous cases in the family are all contributing factors to bone spurs in the knee. This condition can lead to serious numbness and lack of mobility.

Bone spurs in the ankle when the bone tries to fix itself by forming more bone. When repeated tension is placed on the foot, calcium starts building on the bone, causing the bone spur to form on the joint of the arch between the forefoot and the hindfoot, a condition known as a tarsal boss. Hands and fingers can be affected too: the osteophytes make hands look abnormal in structure and appearance and make them deteriorate.

The shoulder joint is just as likely to develop bone spurs if the pinched nerve around the bone, tissue, or muscle receives a lot of pressure. The result can be the inflammation of the shoulder.

A condition called plantar fasciitis is directly related  to bone spur.  Also, arthritis can lead to osteophyte in the wrist. At CEDA Health center in Miami we can give you all the information you need on this subject.

How can I treat my bone spurs?

Usual treatments for bone spurs include:

  • Repose
  • Ice and heat application
  • Weight reduction
  • Increasing Omega and vitamin D intake
  • Anti-inflammatory medication

At CEDA Health center we provide laser surgery for our patients. For bone spurs, we use minimally invasive decompression surgery to get rid of the excruciating pain. Our  experienced surgeons can sometimes send the patient home the same day the surgery is performed.

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