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Obesity Back Pain Doctor in Miami

When you are overweight or obese everyone thinks that they have the right to give you unsolicited advice or tell you things about your condition that you already know. They believe that they are free to shame you or pass judgement. At CEDA Health we are not about shame or judgement, we are about only one thing: results. When it comes to the back pain caused by carrying excess weight, the specialists at CEDA Health offices of South Florida can provide diagnosis and treatment solutions that can reduce and relieve your pain.

How does obesity cause back pain?

At CEDA Health Miami we have highly qualified specialists who can provide you with diagnosis and treatment options for all the causes of obesity related lower back pain. When a person has extra weight in their stomach it can pull the pelvis forward and cause strain in the lower back. Over time this causes the spine to develop an unnatural curvature that can cause the pain.

One of the other causes of lower back pain is a herniated disc which occurs when extra pressure is put on the spinal discs from the excess weight; sciatica is a symptom of a herniated disc and the specialists at CEDA Health can use their expertise to identify and fix the affected disc. Another possible diagnosis is a pinched nerve which happens when extra weight pushes between the bones of the lower back. Additionally, the symptoms of osteoarthritis, including lower back pain, may be aggravated by obesity.

Each CEDA Health office in South Florida features the finest, board certified doctors, physical therapists, and surgeons who can provide you with the correct diagnosis of what exactly is causing your lower back pain and prescribe the treatment solutions you need. If you live near Miami or Hialeah then CEDA Health has the following treatment options available for you:

  • Exercise regimens
  • Dietary changes
  • Surgical solutions

At CEDA Health we will design a treatment solution specifically for you that will fit your needs and provide relief for your lower back pain.

The lower back pain caused by excess weight ends with a visit to a Miami CEDA Health office

CEDA Health has many conveniently located offices around Miami. Each one has dedicated and highly experienced specialists who can accurately diagnose the cause and symptoms of your lower back pain. They can then provide the treatment solutions that can put you on the road to relief. If you live in any of the following locations then there is a CEDA Health office near you:

South Miami, FL
Hialeah, FL
Coral Gables, FL
Key Biscayne, FL
Miami Springs, FL
FIU/Kendall, FL
Downtown/Little Havana, FL
Doral, FL
Aventura, FL
Miami Beach, FL

CEDA Health can relieve your obesity related back pain

By now everyone is familiar with the physical and mental problems caused by obesity, but at CEDA Health we are only concerned with solutions. We know that providing treatment for your lower back pain will not solve all the problems caused by being overweight or obese; however, without lower back pain you can take part in physical activities that can help you lose weight and become more healthy and emotionally relaxed.

The highly skilled doctors and surgeons at CEDA Health offices in Miami want to use their expertise to provide treatment for your lower back pain and put you on the first step to curing the disease of obesity. Over 25% of Floridians are obese or overweight; we know that you do not want to be one of them.

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Ending your lower back pain will put you on the path to recovery from obesity. Let CEDA Health be your guide. Contact us now.

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