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When you go through a car accident, you can be faced with ongoing paid and a diminishing quality of life ahead. Underlying issues can become worse if left untreated, so the quickest way to recover from your accident injuries is to begin treatment at the right place!

At Ceda Health we take a multidisciplinary approach involving an expert team of chiropractors, general practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and more. Our experience provides us with an expertise in dealing with victims of auto accidents, as well as personal injury victims. While experiencing an accident can be frightening and chaotic, a visit to one of our centers can ensure that you get the comprehensive and effective treatment that you deserve.


Injuries May Not Be Immediately Obvious


After being hit with another vehicle, you could experience a variety of injuries that do not present symptoms right away. One of the most common examples is Whiplash, which is the result of having your neck thrown backwards and forwards in a jerking motion. Usually, victims do not even begin to experience symptoms until at least 24 to 48 hours after the crash. Because of this, once the symptoms do begin, it seems unrelated to the accident itself.

Catching injuries right away and treating them appropriately is the only surefire way to recover quickly. For example, catching whiplash in the early stages will reduce your swelling and minimize the pain greatly. Any of our skilled chiropractors at our miami accident clinic are able to diagnose whiplash immediately after your accident. We will then develop a personalized recovery plan that is right for you, and ends with you being able to recover your full range of motion and keep your pain from intensifying.


With the special attention and care of our team at CEDA Orthopedics & Interventional Medicine, you will be back to experiencing life to the fullest in no time. Give our office a call today or use our contact form to schedule your consultation!



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