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Relieving Your Headaches After An Accident

Have you been in a car accident recently and have been experiencing frequent headaches? You could be one visit away from relief! The fact is, countless people suffer from headaches and do not realize the root of the issue and what actions they should take to eliminate the headaches once and for all.

Headache pain affects everyone differently. While some may feel a pounding sensation occurring within their whole head, others may become nauseous or feel a sharp pain in one area for extended periods of time. No matter the type, all headaches are an inconvenience and degrade your overall quality of life.

At Ceda Health, our talented group of chiropractors can treat your injury-borne headaches and provide the relief that you so desperately seek. The most common types of headaches that our chiropractors treat at our miami accident clinic include:

Tension Headaches

These headaches are probably the most commonly occurring form. Tension headaches affect the majority of people at some point within their lives. Usually described as a dull, achy feeling on one or both sides of the head, they can persist anywhere from a brief 30 minutes to a couple of months.

Our Miami-based chiropractors frequently describe the cause of these tension headaches as a subluxation in the neck or upper back, usually combined with active trigger points. When the normal range of motion in your neck is restricted, the muscles go into spasm. The tendons at the base of your neck are attached to pain-sensitive tissues called dura, which covers the brain. When the muscles go into spasm, the tendon can pull on the dura which causes the headache to occur.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches typically do not last as long as Tension Headaches, but the pain can be extreme. These can occur every day for weeks or even months at a time. A common identifier of this type of headache is extreme pain on one side of the head, along with watering eyes and congestion in your nose.

These headaches are usually seasonal, which leads people to believe they are allergic in nature. The nerve that is associated with cluster headaches is called the trigeminal nerve, and it is located in the face. Our chiropractors generally find that, when treating cluster headaches, the problem can be traced to misalignments in the cervical spine region where this nerve connects. When you are properly aligned by our miami chiropractors, future cluster headaches can be prevented with high success rate.

Migraine Headaches

Painful and debilitating, migraine headaches are known to cause temporary vision loss and even vomiting. These types of headaches occur when the blood vessels of the brain constrict, and then dilate. This causes an increase in blood pressure within the skull, and this increased pressure results in the throbbing migraine headache. Some common triggers include:

  • Stress
  • Loss of sleep
  • Change in weather
  • Dietary changes
  • Muscle tension in the neck

Our chiropractors at Ceda Health can help advise you on the lifestyle choices that you should be making to prevent and eliminate migraines, as well as treat you with the proper chiropractic adjustments to relieve the muscle tension you are experiencing and cure the cervical subluxations that are often the root cause of migraines.

With the special attention and care of our team at CEDA Orthopedics & Interventional Medicine, you will be back to experiencing life to the fullest in no time. Give our office a call today or use our contact form to schedule your consultation!



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