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Pain Management And Treatment For Back Injuries

Treating Your Back Pain

Not only does back pain negatively affect the quality of life to those afflicted by it, but studies have shown that as many as 30% of Americans currently experience chronic back pain. At CEDA Orthopedics & Interventional Medicine, we strive to improve that statistic every day.

The Burden of Back Pain

The costs of living with back pain can be tremendous to those affected by it. From missing work to losing time with friends and family, the severe pain that comes with this affliction can take a toll not only on your finances, but your overall quality of life.

After a while, this condition can inevitably lead to depression. Moreover, because it is inhibiting you from your normal levels of activity, this can lead to weight gain and other health risks.

If you feel like your life has been impacted by chronic back pain, make an appointment with our trained experts to find out which specialized treatment is right for you to get back to living life pain-free.

Diagnosing The Cause of Your Back Pain

Before our doctors can start treatment for your back pain, we must first address the cause of your discomfort. Some of the causes we typically see include:
Carrying of excess weight
Old injuries that were not properly treated
Medical conditions including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or scoliosis.
Repetitive stress on the back

Primary Treatments for Back Pain

While medication seems like the short-term answer to your pain, our goal is to rid you of your pain completely by restoring your back to its original functionality. If your pain has been caused by a minor injury, the first and most effective treatment we are likely to prescribe is rest. This will allow your muscles some time to heal properly, providing you with an increase in overall level of comfort, and helping prevent any future injury or permanent damage.

When you are experiencing back pain as a symptom of another condition, your doctor will work with you directly to treat your condition and resolve your pain. For example, if our medical experts feel that your pain is being caused by excess weight-bearing, they will devise a treatment plan that involves strengthening your core muscles and promotes weight loss.

At first, some tend to find strengthening programs to be a bit uncomfortable and challenging. This is why our Miami doctors will discuss the various medication options with you to help you progress through your program and live life comfortably.

Further Treatment Options

In certain cases, the most appropriate treatment option just may be surgery. If this is the reality of your case, after discussing the various surgical options available your doctor will devise a plan for treatment that is right for you.

With the special attention and care of our team at CEDA Orthopedics & Interventional Medicine, you will be back to experiencing life to the fullest in no time. Give our office a call today or use our contact form to schedule your back pain consultation!



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