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Knee Injury After A Car Accident?

Car accidents are rough, and oftentimes they result in direct impacts on the knee from a car door, steering wheel, or other car part. This is a common injury to sustain from a car crash, but it is often overlooked.


knee injury symptoms after a car accident

There are several ways one may injure their knee in a car accident, such as:


  • PCL Injury – A PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) Injury occurs when severe force and trauma is directly inflicted on the knee commonly creating a tear. This injury usually only occurs after severe trauma and is rarely, if ever, an isolated incident. It is more common for the victim to sustain other injuries as well.
  • ACL Injury – Those who suffer ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) Injury will experience knee injury symptoms that’ll leave the victim unable to walk and move as the pain worsens with movement.
  • Knee Sprain – Knee Sprains are “characterized by the stretching, tearing, or rupturing of ligaments or the joint capsule” (Meldon Law) are relatively common but still require medical attention for a full, efficient recovery.

Knee Injury Symptoms can vary from person to person depending on the trauma, but some common pain symptoms include:


  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Locking or grinding while walking
  • Inability to extend the knee fully
  • Deformity of the bones
  • Weakness
  • Pain during activity

The knee is a crucial body part for mobility and comfort in day to day activity. Even the most minor strain can and will cause extreme pain or discomfort through various knee injury symptoms.

We suggest seeking medical attention, such as our Orthopedic Program for Knee Injuries, right away after your car accident to ensure that the injury does not become worse.

With the special attention and care of our team at CEDA Orthopedics & Interventional Medicine, you will be back to experiencing life to the fullest in no time.

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