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Common Car Accident Myths

An important thing to remember when thinking about car accidents is that they’re just that– accidents. They come out of nowhere, you can’t really expect them and not only are they scary, but they’re expensive. Things happen fast, and it’s usually over before you know it. The way you choose to react to an accident is important, but can often be problematic. Under the effect of adrenaline, stress, and confusion, it can be easy to make mistakes in the actions and decisions you take. Accidents are hard enough, the last thing you need is to fall victim of some of the most common car accident myths.


4 Common Car Accident Myths:


  1. Exchanging Information

Usually, right after an accident, drivers will just exchange phone numbers or insurance information. It is important to realize that numbers can be faked, or they can refuse to answer your phonecalls. We say, “don’t risk it”. Call a police officer to arrive at the scene and file proper documentation, and don’t talk to any other insurance companies or admit fault at any time.


  1. Insurance Will Cover Everything

Too many drivers make the mistake of assuming that their car insurance will take care of everything. In fact, a lot of car insurance companies do not cover a lot of car accident issues. There are tons of loopholes, so always be aware of your policy coverage.


  1. If You Don’t Report Injuries Immediately, They Won’t Be Covered

There are many common car accident injuries that do not show symptoms until days or even weeks after the accident. Sometimes you will notice them when performing a new activity afterwards, or once the stress comes down a bit. We at Ceda Health highlight the importance of having yourself checked out right away, but if you notice injuries later we can still be of help.


  1. I Can File My Own Claim

While this is true, it turns out to be a headache in practice. While you can file an injury claim yourself, it is likely to take much more time and money than most believe.

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