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Accident Scene 101: A Crash-Course

Accident Scene 101: A Crash-Course

5 Simple Steps that could make a world of difference

There are some basic concepts to always keep in mind at the scene of an accident that can make all the difference. Make sure you stick to the following tips to protect your well-being and your right to compensation.

1. Stay Calm

Car accidents can be shocking and stressful, but it’s important to stay as calm as possible. Becoming emotional can get in the way of your ability to protect yourself and file a claim.

2. Check for Injuries

After your accident, one of the first things you should do is assess the situation and see if anyone is injured. Call 911 for emergency medical care if possible.

Some injuries can take time to show symptoms, and if you experience early intervention it could mean the difference between a simple treatment or an emergency room visit later on.

3. Call 911!

Whether you’ve been injured or not, you should always call 911 after an accident. Having a police report will help you file a claim later if necessary.

4. Photograph the Scene

Taking photos of the scene can be extremely helpful later if there was a road hazard that caused the accident, rather than negligence. Make sure the photos are taken from several angles to document as much as possible.



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